Care Instructions

Characteristics and care of Wool Felt

Wool has a naturally repellent surface because of the fiber’s protective outer layer; it keeps dirt and liquid spills at bay. When cleaning is required and for best results, we recommend dry cleaning. Some stains can be blotted out with a damp sponge. A soft clothes brush may also remove some dried-in surface dirt. Dry flat and out of direct sunlight. Use a cool dry Iron.

Wool fabrics are durable

Properly cared for, they will last a very long time, making wool fabrics a good investment.


Because of lanolin in the wool, the fabric repels water. It’s almost impossible to get felted wool wet without keeping it underneath the water

Wool fabrics clean easily because dirt sits on the surface of the fiber

The outside surface of the wool fiber consists of a series of overlapping scales, similar to the feathers on a bird, making it easy to brush off and for stains to lift out of it. Wool fabric doesn’t collect much static because of its absorbent fibers. Static attracts lint, dirt, and dust.

Wool fabrics resist wrinkles.

Wool has a natural crimp making it the most resilient fiber. You can count on wool to keep its shape.


Wool is the only fiber that naturally resists flaming.


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